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Yoga Class Live
The world's first truly interactive online Yoga studio. Using the latest video conferencing technology, we are able to create a virtual environment that allows the instructors to interact with students as they guide them through their Yoga session. This i

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In the Grace of a Living Mystic
0 138
A modern seeker braves the sacred, ancient path under the grace and rare guidance of a living mystic.
Anya Flow
0 143
Anya Flow is a community hub that creates space for individuals to explore being awake in their bodies. Being awake means you are fully aware and present with your now. Yoga guides us towards the path of being awake and connecting with our mind, body and
yoga teacher training rishikesh
0 117

We offer 200hrs, 300hrs, 500hrs yoga teacher training certified by yoga alliance USA, in rishikesh india
Arhanta Yoga Ashram India
0 159
Arhanta Yoga ashram - RYS 200- is a certified yoga school for Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour yoga teacher training, yoga retreats and yoga vacations in India and Europe.
Swan Yoga Retreat
0 144
If you are looking for yoga classes in Goa, get ready to handle a high competition. The rising demand for yoga training has resulted in a set-up of several yoga retreats in Goa to fulfill the requirement of health conscious clients. In India, there are an
Sister to Sister Yoga Booty
0 102

Behavioral Wellness and Birth Arts Assoc. (BW&BA) offers Family and Life Education Groups founded by Dr. Monica Watts a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapist and Doula with other dedicated instructors sharing their knowledge on almost any imagina
0 117
I write about mental yoga which is simple and can be done in ten minutes every morning.
Yoga Over Easy
0 111
My Kripalu yoga classes are gentle, mindful and help students to open, stretch, move the body and reduce stress. We teach yoga to busy, active people who want to become more flexible and fit!"
0 125

Divine Yoga Experience.
The Freestyle Yoga Project
0 330

The Freestyle Yoga Project is about taking off the blinkers, exploring what your mind and body are capable of without any allegiance to one particular yoga system. But this IS dynamic, vinyasa yoga, incorporating the concept of 'vinyasa krama'.
Yoga Teacher Training
0 154
In any field training is must without training and practice human cant perfect. In the yoga practices is must for became yoga teacher. Samyak yoga provide best yoga teacher training to all over world.
Yoga for the New World
0 291
Yoga for the New World is a practical tool for yogis containing information from around the world. It is primarily written by Christina Sarich,a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yog
kashmir shaivism school of yoga
0 103
kashmir shaivism school of yoga is registered by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International. We offer yoga teacher training Goa, Dharamshala, Kashmir yoga, iyengar yoga in Dharamshala, India, International yoga teacher training, @ info@kashmirshaiv
0 200 is a website which share’s Dominique Lonchant knowledge and wisdom on better living by breathing better. helps you to “retrain” your breathing system with our online self-learning cour
Sampoorna Yoga Retreat
0 125
Yoga Retreats and Yoga Holidays in a private unique location. Come visit us in beautiful Agonda Goa India. Eco-friendly accommodations, award winning food all just 150 metres from Trip Advisor\'s Best Beach in India 2013.
Apura Yoga
0 226

We provide surf and yoga retreats in Portugal throughout the year.
Drishti Yoga International Teacher Training
0 227

Drishti Yoga International Teacher Training is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered Vinyasa Yoga certification course with roots in traditional Ashtanga Yoga whether you are looking to become a Yoga instructor or delve deeper into your personal practice.
YOME-The Yoga Portal
0 365
YOME is an online channel dedicated to exposing and spreading the message of yoga throughout the world. To support its goals, YOME provides yoga instructors the tools and means with which to offer yoga practitoners the benefit of their knowledge and exper
Jai Sri Yogis
0 121

yoga treasures and all related to Oneness
0 193
Here at Yogalife we believe in encouraging our students to rediscover their inner strengths and abilities not just as an instructor of yoga but as a yoga teacher who will take the responsibility of encouraging their students to live healthier lives.

0 183
Inspiring yoga practices for mind and body. Classes, courses, workshops & retreats.
0 112

Yoga for all,all sizes all ages, Retreats in Spain, classes, articles, photos,links, activites, videos. Sharon Fisher teaches hatha yoga,meditation,workhops writes articles on Yoga and she is the President of the Divine Life Society in Almeria, Spain they
Gwen Lawrence Yoga
0 234
wen Lawrence has been a practicing fitness professional since 1990. Her current practice includes private yoga training, class instruction and her sport-specific Power Yoga for Sports training program.

Gwen’s unique combination of dance, massage and yo
Samma Karuna
0 15
At Samma Karuna learn yoga in Koh Phangan and Thailand with best minimum price. Budgeted Yoga retreat international school of Thailand and osho thailand center.
Shrimath Yoga
0 141

Auspicious, revered and prosperous are a few meanings of Shrimath. Shri, the root word means illumination, completeness and radiance.

Shrimath Yoga is a melting pot of ashram learning, home food and retreat living. Here, through rigorously researched s
Seek Retreat
0 142

The place to find yoga retreats with top instructors to top destinations.
YogaCurious - Find Best Selling Yoga Products
0 242
Looking for top yoga products? checkout, your online cyclopedia to find best selling yoga products, yoga information and best yoga products deals at one place.
My Yoga 101
0 121
Welcome to your ultimate yoga guide. We aim to provide a simple yet comprehensive guide for beginner yogis to help you get the most out of yoga
yoga ttc
0 144

yoga in such way that you become able to experience and make other experience the harmony between the
individual and the cosmos,between the thought and the and actions and between organism to respiration.
Down to Earth
0 130
Down to Earth is resource for Holistic Skin Care, as well as a new online Meditation Center. The Meditation Center will be up and running August 2014 and will include online classes geared toward Meditation and light yoga, as well as Chakra balancing.
0 316
YBC is a yoga blog with a large audience (105k readers, 40k social media followers - see below). The popularity of the blog has enabled the business to begin offering international yoga retreats throughout the year, as well as pop-up classes and workshops
0 116

200, 300, 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course is designed to immerse students in the intensive and spiritual teachings and practices of traditional Hatha yoga – focusing on breathing, awareness, meditation and Practical philosophy to help you live a le
Mahasidda Yoga
0 14

Authentic tantra yoga school found in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Mama Chirps
0 168

Mama Chirps is about a mama's life and her little family, including crafts, clean eating, cloth diapers, birth, pregnancy, and a strong touch of Ashtanga yoga!
Yoga Retreat
0 98
We offer inspired holidays in the beautiful sunny region of Alicante Spain. Relaxing holidays, that combine an authentic yoga experience with energizing activities and rejuvenating therapies, relaxing the mind body and spirit, allowing you to escape the
Intrinsic Journeys
0 133
A Mental Health therapist's journey in Yoga, Meditation, and Mindful living. A blog and information portal for people looking for motivation, inspiration, connection, and a sense of positive well-being. With stories, advice, tutorials, and coming soon: Yo
Bali Wellness Retreat
0 100
Bali Wellness Retreat is an Alternative Events Coordinator and Tour Operator focusing on Wellness,Bali Wellness Retreat offers their services by creating journeys of discovery through
experiencing the nature of inner balance and Wellness.

We also assi
Inner Temple Retreats
0 201

Immersed in the spiritual haven of Bali, this all-inclusive luxury retreat will not only arouse your senses to the wonders of the island of the gods, but also awaken you to a source of magical beauty – YOU!

Created by women for women; women of all ages
0 201
GLOW is a sanctuary for expectant moms, new moms and their families. Our programs and services connect, support, strengthen, educate and empower women throughout their passages of pregnancy, birth, motherhood and beyond.
Our center is a calm, beautiful s
varanasi volunteer & yoga program
0 126
We are one non profit organization and We are also providing Yoga Program for everyone , Yoga Beginner courses, Yoga intermediate group, Yoga teacher training program, We are providing here Hatha, Astanga, Vikram, Vinyasa, jana, Raja, Kundalini, Tantra,
Doctor Feelgood
0 231

Doctor Feelgood is a New Zealand based site focusing on plant based health, well being and fitness. There's a regular Bikram Yoga related blog series on the site under the "Zen Steps - From Oak Tree to Bamboo" title.
Yoga Sanga Conference & Festival
0 153
Yoga Sanga is a 3-day Yoga conference & festival in South Africa, offering a gathering of yogis all over the country.
Nada Yoga School
0 210
Nada Yoga School offers yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh - India. Our Yoga teacher training provides the understanding of body, mind and soul.
Spiritual River
0 132

Spiritual River is a resource for addiction help and alcoholism treatment. Operated by former addict Patrick Meninga, Spiritual River has helped thousands recover from their addiction problem. Visit our website for more usef
Prasanthi Studio
0 223

Prasanthi Studio is a family yoga and wellness center offering adult yoga, children & teen Yoga, Family Health and Yoga Counseling, Vegan Cooking and Nutrition and meditation. The space also offers workshops and trainings on a variety of topics.
Bali Yoga Travel
0 107

Bali Yoga Travel is an Alternative Events Coordinator and Tour Operator focusing on Wellness.

Bali Yoga Travel offer their services by creating journeys of discovery through experiencing the nature of inner balance and Wellness.

Park Hill Yoga Denver
0 146
Park Hill Yoga offer yoga classes from a student-focus approach. A neighborhood yoga studio, we give extra care and attention to the design and flow of the class so that it accommodates the need of every student present.

At Park Hill Yoga, our teachers
yoga teacher training in rishikesh
0 131
we offer yoga teacher training for 200 hour , 300 hour and 500 hour, All courses are certified by Yoga Alliance USA.
School of Yoga Vidhya
0 144
School of Yoga Vidhya serve to support, train and teach yoga globally for the seekers who want to know more about this divine and scientific proven system. We help all members’ of SYV (School of Yoga Vidhya) to delve and explore the potential and benefits
Holistic Yoga Retreat
0 92
Holistic Yoga retreat is a 7 day retreat in beautiful Barbados. Enjoy vegetarian cuisine, yoga, massage, acupuncture, daily workshops, and relaxing on sun soaked beaches for an unforgettable experience. Join our team of international experts as they help

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